Desiree Lefever,LMT




在我们的生活中,我们的身体做了很多!他们携带我们所有的乐趣和冒险,以及我们所有的伤害和创伤。有时,我们的身体在我们的肌肉和精力充沛的系统中占据了创伤和情绪,作为保护我们或“推动”困难情况的一种方式。这可以创造痛苦的持有模式,这会影响我们在我们身体中的移动和感受。When our bodies aren’t free to move and express themselves completely, energy stagnates, muscles can develop chronic spasms pulling our bones and organs out of alignment, and disease and chronic pain may set in and keep us from living the full beautiful healthy lives that we deserve. We may start to disconnect from our bodies because we’re tired of feeling uncomfortable. This is where I come in. With regular massage, I work with you to help your body to relax and let go of things that it’s holding on to, free up your energy so that it can flow through your body the way it’s meant to, and help you create a healthy connection with your body. This will allow your body to heal itself. And as your body begins to feel better and healthier and more mobile, you may find yourself feeling happier and more alive and able to handle challenges in a whole new way. This is my goal for my patients, and I feel blessed to be a part of their healing journey.